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Forest Ecology 101 is a place-based, multi-dimensional, high quality, secondary life-science curriculum packed full of information and is supported by the Redwood Science Project.

The complete Forest Ecology 101 Curriculum is a 450 page manuscript aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and is ready for integration into the 21st century classroom and beyond.  It covers a host of topics relating to general ecology, including: botany, taxonomy, population biology, forest management, mathematics, climate change, and much more. It incorporates  information pertaining to forests found along the North Coast of California from a variety of scales. In addition to all three modules the complete curriculum gives an overview of California’s natural history called The Prelude to “set the stage” with a general overview of factors influencing this ecologically and biogeographically diverse state.

Thematic Modules:

Behind the Redwood Curtain takes an in-depth look into the iconic coast redwoods where students analyze multiple data sets, connect concepts relating to forest structure and function, and learn why these forests are the “heaviest” in the world.  Our Disappearing Oak Woodlands highlights factors that support and alter these highly variable ecosystems. Information regarding eight different oak species is given, including tanoak. Students will practice journaling, observe anatomical differences between oak species, learn about fire suppression, and apply systems thinking regarding oak recruitment. Integrative Forest Ecology focuses on general ecology concepts such as the ecosystem services, the carbon cycle, food webs, and factors relating to tree growth. Each Module mentioned above has two thematic units tailored to middle school and high school. Each grade-level unit has five or more lessons that include everything you need to make your life easier including worksheets, teacher keys, integrated concepts, vocabulary, and a recommended procedure.

You can find descriptions of each lesson within each unit if you click on a particular module title. Each module not only has two complete units but also includes a well-researched “Teacher’s Companion” packed full of difficult to obtain background information gleaned from a variety of sources. These “companions” are well-researched and integrate some of the latest studies regarding some of our local forest types.


cropped-site-icon.jpgComplete Forest Ecology 101 Curriculum (includes all three multi-level modules, a prelude, and the Going Further section) $90

Individual multi-level modules, with two separate grade level units providing ten or more lessons $40

Forest Ecology 101 Teacher Companions only (no units) $20 (coming soon)




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